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What is Test & Tag ?

Test and tag is the name given to the process of inspecting and testing of electrical equipment for personal safety. In Australia, the standard for testing is AS/NZS 3760 In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment. It defines the types of tests for each class of equipment, and the electrical values required for each test that determine a pass or fail.

The aim of the testing is to detect faults which are not observable in normal visual inspections, and it determines if the appliance is electrically safe for personal use. The process involves:

  • An initial visual inspection

A visual inspection of the equipment, especially the leads. Cords must be well anchored, connections made solidly and no damaged insulation. Plug pins should be undamaged with no discolouration evident.

  • An electrical test

The appliance will be tested with a PAT tester to test for any unseen electrical faults. These tests include:
  • Insulation resistance;
  • Earth continuity;
  • Polarity test; and
  • Earth leakage test.

  • Tagging

A coloured safety tag is placed on the equipment verifying it is electrically safe for use.

  • Logging

A record is made of the test, and a report is provided of all test results.

Microwave testing

Radiation leakage can occur from a microwave oven through the doors and seals. Radiation can not be seen, and many users worry about the health hazards from exposure to radiation.  The Australian Standard states that the radiation measured at any point 50mm or more from the external surface of the appliance shall not exceed 50W/m2 or 5mW/cm2.

Rockingham-tag can test that your Microwave oven meets the emission standards as detailed in the Australian Standard.

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